When you arrive back in your home country, follow these steps to setup your Home SIM data to access your internet, email and apps:


Open the KnowRoaming App to the home page and select the Tap to Deactivate Roaming Data then follow the steps in the app to install your home data profile.

If you have gone through the steps in the app and you are unable to access data on your Home SIM, you can manually remove the KnowRoaming profile by following these steps:

STEP: iPhone Settings > General > Profiles  > delete the KnowRoaming profile > Restart phone


Android and Windows Mobile:

You will be automatically switched back to your home data/internet - there are no steps to follow.

If you cannot access your home data, go to your Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (for Android) or Add Internet APN (for Windows Mobile) > ensure that your home SIM APN is selected. You can also try the option "Reset to Default"