'Abroad' is the second phase of your trip and is designed to help guide you through finishing the set up to use KnowRoaming services while abroad!


As you can see the Roaming Status Bar now displays that you're in the Abroad phase of your trip and prompts you through the necessary steps.

In the top right, you can see you're now on your KnowRoaming SIM.

This is a notification of your account balance. Please note that KnowRoaming is a prepaid service and requires a positive balance in order to keep you connected.


The last step is to activate your KnowRoaming data services. Tap the yellow icon and follow the prompts to add the KnowRoaming APN.

iPhone Only: Once you've installed the profile, make sure to turn Data Roaming ON in your iPhone Settings. If you see the EU Internet option available, make sure it is set to OFF.

Android Only: Once you've added the APN, make sure to turn Data Roaming ON in your device settings. *Some Samsung devices will automatically install the data APN, allowing you to skip this step.


When making an outgoing call, be sure to always use the international format:  +(country code)(phone number)

This means if you want to call a UK number you would dial: +44 XXXX XXXXXX

Where +44 is the country code and the X's represent the digits of the phone number. This method of dialing is still used if you're roaming in the UK and trying to call someone in the UK.

If you don't know the country code for the phone number you wish to dial you can reference this list. (Click Here)

You're all done and ready to roam! Remember to return to the KnowRoaming app once you landed back home after your trip! Safe travels!