What details do Location Updates provide?

Location Update refers to the process by which a device notifies the network of its current location.

To access Location Update information, navigate to the Networking View > Location Updates. Enter an ICCID, then click Search to display instances of Location Updates, including the following details:

  • Location Update ID: A unique identifier for each Location Update, clickable to reveal additional associated details.
  • Event Date: The timestamp indicating the date and time of the Location Update, presented in UTC.
  • ICCID: The ICCID of the SIM.
  • IMSI Profile ID: The IMSI utilized by the SIM during the Location Update.
  • User Location: The country where the device is presently situated.
  • Carrier: The network to which the SIM registered or attempted registration during the Location Update.
  • Location Update Type: This can be either VOICE or GPRS.
  • Connection Status:
    • PILOT: Indicates that Voice services are not enabled for the service, but instead of setting it to Blocked, it was set to PILOT to allow signaling, as a Voice Location Update (LU) is always attempted first before it is able to establish a GPRS LU.
    • DATA_ALLOWED: Indicates successful registration to a network allowed in the whitelist
    • N/A: Indicates rejection of the location update, possibly due to the network being blocked in the whitelist.

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