How To Check Supported Countries of ICCID

To determine the countries supported by a SIM card, it is necessary to review the Whitelist associated with the SIM. Before accessing the Whitelist, it's important to take note of the available IMSIs for the SIM.

Check the available IMSIs for the SIM and follow the steps below to access the Whitelist:

  1. Navigate to Provisioning > SIMs. Enter the ICCID and click on search, then select the ICCID from the results.
  2. In the Overview > General section, locate the Whitelist and click on the corresponding Whitelist ID.
  3. Once on the Whitelist page, go to the Whitelist Entries tab. Here, you'll find a list of countries. Select a country from the list, then find the IMSI the sim is available to use under the IMSI profile ID. You’ll then see the network names and whether Data, Voice and SMS are ALLOWED or BLOCKED. 

Please note that you can open networks in the group’s whitelist only if they’re allowed in the Parent Whitelist. 

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