Data Package Consumed - Checking Usage

To view the package usage, pull up the sim in Provisioning > SIMs > enter ICCID > search > select result.

The usage bar of the active package will be shown at the bottom under Active Package(s) Summary or by clicking the Rating and Charging tab and selecting the package.

The bar will show a blue bar and a percentage of the data consumed.

To see the details of the usage, first, take note of the date activated and date terminated timestamps of the data package.

Then go to Networking View on the left menu, and select CDRs. Enter the ICCID and search.

A list of the CDRs will appear with the details of how much data was used per session. Check the timestamps and all CDRs that fall between the date activated and the date terminated of the package will be the actual usage consumption while the package is in use. 

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