What networks are available for this SIM?

To view what networks are available for the SIM, we need to check the Whitelist associated with the SIM. Prior to accessing the Whitelist, ensure you have noted the IMSI used by the sim and the destination country.

The Whitelist can be accessed following the below steps:

  1. Under Provisioning > select SIMs > enter ICCID > click search then click the ICCID in the Results.
  2. Under Overview > General section, look for Whitelist, and click the corresponding Whitelist ID.
  3. On the Whitelist page, select the Whitelist Entries tab. Select the destination country on the list, then find the IMSI the sim is using under the IMSI Profile ID column. You’ll see the network names and see whether Voice, SMS and Data services are BLOCKED or ALLOWED for the network. 

Refer to the LTE Support column to determine if LTE is available. "Yes" indicates LTE support, while "No" indicates LTE is not supported.

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